Still in the blog-dump. Man, how many have I missed, really?

For our starting startling statement for today: I don’t like internet ads.

Okay, not so shocking there, I know. Not that special. At one point or another, we have hated internet ads the same way we don’t like stupid TV commercials, in-the-way billboards and other advertisements that just don’t know how to respect your field of vision. For one thing, they’re known to destroy blog layouts. One ad was related to the computer virus I’ve somehow acquired at one time and proceeded to destroy some of my programs. There are pop-up ads (they still exist, apparently) which are simply and horribly annoying with their cockroach-worth insistence to be noticed. Then there are ads which trick gullible people into clicking them. Finally, they simply assault your eyesight with their clashing colors and atrocious blinking. What’s to love about these?

So here are some of the things I dislike about today’s internet ads:

1. ‘You won $XXXXXXX! Click to get your prize!’ – Really now. This one’s so old, those using them should be graduating to something better. Sure, real world advertising does dabble in ‘black magic’ (read: half-truths), but that type of ad is simply atrocious. I guess there are those who continue to fall for these, but whoever created and stuck to these ads until now should change their modus operandi, since people won’t be dopes forever. And they’re just plain deceiving, it’s unfair.

2. Flash-heavy ads – I really, really hate these kinds of ads, if only because they tend to work my CPU to death (my computer’s an old one). They also slow down the page download, and when people grow impatient, they simply stop browsing the page altogether. Bad.

3. ‘Sexy’ ads – Sex sells, alright. And the world is still a long way away from eradicating sexism. But come on – ads which utilize the female body to attract attention is offensive. I remember those ‘x-ray vision’ ads for the cellphone which shows a phone capable of ‘seeing through’ a woman’s clothing to see her underwear and that ‘soccer’ mini-game ad where you flick little soccer balls through a woman’s cleavage. I don’t even know what those ads are really about, but upon seeing them I simply ceased to care. I get that their target audience are males, but they’re just plain tasteless.

That’s a very short list there, and I know it should be longer, but these are the things I gather from the top of my head. Seriously now, I think Internet ads are trying so hard to impress and stand out from the multitude of content to be found, it’s simply painful. Internet ads had become so banal in all of its gaudy glory we have become desensitized and treat them as another piece of the webpage. Advertising should be focused on the message, but it’s often buried underneath all the sparkles and and deceit and flashy graphics. There are some ads that I don’t mind being there – such as the Google ad which generates a list of sites related to the current page you’re on – since they’re pretty easy on the eyes. Moreover, they’re straight to the point – these banner ads are all about the site so deliver it to the audience without the frills. Unfortunately, most of the ads I’ve seen aren’t like the Google ads – even if they’re only a bunch of moving, loud graphics, these internet ads still ‘push’ their way to your field of vision and you couldn’t even remove them. I don’t mind web ads being on the page, it’s just that they can be distracting and irritating.

I’ve long said and accepted that ‘anything goes’ online, but with people becoming more aware of the Internet’s shady and cliched shenanigans, the challenge for the advertisers is to stand out without resorting to the hackneyed tactics. Being straightforward and refreshing will truly make them stand out (well, just like in real life, ne?).