…wait, it smells good?

(And also, I’m really, reeeaally going to be brief here. Erm, I’ll try, anyway.)

Alright, I admit. That title is weird. Anyway, during my OJT days, my job was on the media monitoring side of things – which translated to being the assistant who took care of the news and magazine clippings plus the blogposts. It’s harder than it sounds, trust me. Anyways, it did provide me with greater appreciation for the printed word, which is part of the Old Media. I get to be newspapers and magazines all the time and trust me, I mourned over the fact that I can’t read them all.

Okay, so what’s this really about? Recently I got to read this online page about how ‘New Media’ and ‘Old Media’ are at odds with each other. They’re basically taking potshots at each another. Well, I haven’t seen bloggers and print journalists go on a verbal mudslinging, but I guess there is truly a tension in there, about how ‘the new is replacing the old’ and some other. And actually, it’s not limited to the ‘Internet VS the Old Media’ – this has been going on for a long time. Apparently every time a new form of media appears, it’s followed by a horde of pessimists discouraging people from using it because…well, they can be pretty creative with their reasons (ie “It can harm your mind!”). It’s only when people have adjusted and made it part of their lives do these doubts fade.

For me though, I patronize both types of Media, even though I can be considered as part of the Net Gen. Actually, for my daily news I prefer to read newspapers, magazines and watch the evening news – if I want something more specific, that’s the time to take the search online. I think they complement each other more than being deterimental. New Media can supplement what had been printed or aired and vice versa. Respected newspapers and news shows can publish/air their news from an objective point of view, and the netizens could provide their subjective take on the issue. I think they can both paint a bigger, more complete picture, and for me, that’s great.